Since 2018, my activities as an UX Designer are shifting from product design (together with the user) to service design (together with the user and stakeholder). Scaling up my skills and working experiences are giving me the ability to do work bottom-up and top-down.

Is there a difference between UX- and Service Design?

Both have the user-centered activities, where starting with good qualitative (user) research is the most challenging one in organisations. Never the less is an UX designer focussed on one type of user and one product or service. Especially when it comes to digital solutions, you see the role of UX Designer in the development team, and if lucky next to the Product Owner.

Service Design

When it comes to designing a service, you are aware of the organisation and it capability’s. Analysing the company structure that make it happen. The way that I look at service design, you are more aware of the organisational possibility’s. Connecting people for the same goal we all have.