As hard it is to find participants for Usability Testing, it is even harder to find the best way to do Usability Testing during social distancing. Doing Usability Testing remotely reminds me that I can’t use all my senses, and that makes it harder to communicate the right way.


The way we communicate with the other person over internet is less personal, especially the quality of the connection is poor. Reading body language is very important for the result of the test. 

Questions and answers

During an Usability Test we use a script for the test for multiple reasons. That doesn’t change, except that the user can’t see the script in the room. Sometimes it is very worth full to let the user read the asignment. 

If you do an Usability Test remotely the user has to listen really carefully. This can infect multiple measuring elements. Thinks that influence by doing an Usability Test remotely: distraction, where the user looks on the screen, when the user is tired and a beter understanding of the user does not comprehend the situation.


Despite all the disadvantages of Usability Testing during social distancing, it also has some advantages. We can see more of het habitat of the user. Even see the digital environment from the user, if they use their own computer.


Be there

When you do remote Usability Testing, you want to be there when the user is tuning in. Don’t let them wait. 


If it is possible pre-test your Usability Test, remote or on location.