[line] Breathe is loaded with impressive functionality. [/line]
[line] One of the most customizable themes ever! [/line]
[line] Super easy to use, even for beginners. [/line]
[divider_header_h2]Feature Overview [/divider_header_h2]

[image width=”300″ height=”180″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” caption=”” title=””] http://eloquent.themeshapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Depositphotos_3730584_XL.jpg [/image] This theme is packed full of pages, templates, features and enhancements. A huge number of options, one click installer and a custom single page templating system make it very easy to setup and customize.

The best plugins have also been included in the download, with full styling and guaranteed compatibility.
[divider_header_h2]Feature List [/divider_header_h2]
[arrow_header]Setup / Modification[/arrow_header]

  • [text_highlight_2]One click demo installer[/text_highlight_2]. Lets you create the demo site in a single click to get up and running quickly.
  • [text_highlight_2]Single page templating[/text_highlight_2]. Unique single page templating system that lets you create new / modified templates easily. Duplicate a template, change a few tags, then modify the HTML as you see fit.


  • [text_highlight_2] Fusion Slider [/text_highlight_2] , a custom build slider that fuses a traditional horizontal / vertical slider with an accordion. The accordions display the individual images, and the slider moves between accordion sets. Unlimited accordion panes, and unlimited accordions are coupled with on demand loading. A beautiful and efficient way to display large amounts of images.
  • [text_highlight_2]Anything Slider[/text_highlight_2], supports different height slides and can contain any content (including video).
  • [text_highlight_2]Any Height Sliders[/text_highlight_2]. All the sliders can be set to an exact height (to the pixel). This can be set differently for each page/ post.
  • [text_highlight_2]Admin controlled slider options[/text_highlight_2]. Slider settings are applied via the theme admin. No need to touch any xml or code.
  • [text_highlight_2]Different sliders per page / post[/text_highlight_2].
  • [text_highlight_2]Different image sets per slider[/text_highlight_2]. The theme uses a custom post type so you can easily use a different set of images for a slider. (and the fusion slider can display multiple sets!)

[arrow_header]Colors, Fonts, Backgrounds and Styling:[/arrow_header]

  • [text_highlight_2]Beautiful dark and light base skins.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Over 200 Google fonts[/text_highlight_2].
  • [text_highlight_2]10 Cufon fonts for header use[/text_highlight_2] (better Win smoothing than Google fonts).
  • [text_highlight_2]Assign any of the Cufon fonts individually[/text_highlight_2] to any of the header elements.
  • [text_highlight_2]Assign any of the google fonts individually[/text_highlight_2] to any of the header elements, plus body text, link text, hover link text, dropdown text, dropdown hover text, footer text, footer hover text.
  • [text_highlight_2]Change color via color pickers for all header elements[/text_highlight_2], plus body text, link text, hover link text, dropdown text, dropdown hover text, footer text, footer hover text.
  • [text_highlight_2]Change font size for all above elements.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Set the background colour of the site via color picker.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Set the background image of the site by easy integrated uploader, and fully set position and repeating.[/text_highlight_2]

7 useful widgets are included. Support and styling for all standard WordPress widgets is also included, check this test page to see them all in action.


  • [text_highlight_2]Breathe Twitter:[/text_highlight_2] Displays a number of your most recent tweets.
  • [text_highlight_2]Breathe Google Maps:[/text_highlight_2] Simply enter your address and a Google map will be displayed. (No need to mess with coordinates or api keys)
  • [text_highlight_2]Breathe Flickr:[/text_highlight_2] Displays a number of your most recent flickr images.
  • [text_highlight_2]Breathe Mini Blog:[/text_highlight_2] Displays a summary of a number of posts from a chosen category/categories.
  • [text_highlight_2]Breathe Recent Posts:[/text_highlight_2] Displays a summary of a number of recent posts.
  • [text_highlight_2]Breathe Popular Posts:[/text_highlight_2] Displays a summary of the posts with the most comments.
  • [text_highlight_2]Breathe Contact Info:[/text_highlight_2] Displays a formatted icon list displaying contact information.

Sidebars are set for the following areas:


  • [text_highlight_2]Top Bar Right[/text_highlight_2] (social media links by default).
  • [text_highlight_2]Normal Sidebar[/text_highlight_2] (right).
  • [text_highlight_2]Reversed Sidebar[/text_highlight_2] (left).
  • [text_highlight_2]Center Sidebar[/text_highlight_2] (in 3 column widget template).
  • [text_highlight_2]Above Footer[/text_highlight_2] (left).
  • [text_highlight_2]Above Footer[/text_highlight_2] (right).
  • [text_highlight_2]Footer 1[/text_highlight_2] (left).
  • [text_highlight_2]Footer 2[/text_highlight_2] (left mid).
  • [text_highlight_2]Footer 3[/text_highlight_2] (right mid).
  • [text_highlight_2]Footer 4[/text_highlight_2] (right).
  • [text_highlight_2]Below Footer[/text_highlight_2] (left).
  • [text_highlight_2]Below Footer[/text_highlight_2] (right).
  • [text_highlight_2]Unlimited Sidebars:[/text_highlight_2] create as many sidebars as you like to use as replacements.
  • [text_highlight_2]Swap any sidebar on any page.[/text_highlight_2] You can make a new sidebar and set it to replace any of the above sidebars on any page (different ones can be assigned on each page).
  • [text_highlight_2]Override any sidebars on any page.[/text_highlight_2] You can override with an extra edit area!


  • [text_highlight_2]Custom width / height thumbnails. [/text_highlight_2](to the pixel).
  • [text_highlight_2]Multiple, unlimited portfolios[/text_highlight_2]. The theme uses a custom post type so you can easily use a different set of portfolio items per portfolio.
  • Filterable, 1 column, 2 column, 3 column, 4 column.
  • [text_highlight_2]Optionally use a description and title for each thumb.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Multi type portfolios:[/text_highlight_2] Portfolios can be set to either image (lightbox popup), video (lightbox video popup), document (individual portfolio page) or link (link to any other page / post etc).
  • [text_highlight_2]Unlimited portfolio categories.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Unlimited portfolio sort categories.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Optional animated jQuery caption[/text_highlight_2] on thumbnails.
  • [text_highlight_2]Automatic thumbnail resizing[/text_highlight_2] based on specified dimensions (not Timthumb!).


  • [text_highlight_2]About Us[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Services[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Testimonials[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Pricing Tables[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Contact[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Request a Quote[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Standard 2 column[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Full width template[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Reversed 2 column[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Blog with slider[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]9 homepage variations[/text_highlight_2]



  • [text_highlight_2]Speed Nav Panel[/text_highlight_2]: Rapid 1 click insertion of shortcodes into any edit area (wysiwyg or html mode) and any text widgets. Also 1 click navigation to any page / post in your site.
  • [text_highlight_2]The most flexible sidebar system possible.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Powerful Options Panel.[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Comprehensive and flexible per page / post options.[/text_highlight_2]


  • [text_highlight_2]Unique single page templating system:[/text_highlight_2] Allows for rapid creation of modified page templates due to templates being single pages and having greater separation of presentation and business logic. Fully automated addition of widget / super sidebar areas from the single page template.
  • [text_highlight_2]Grouped templating:[/text_highlight_2] Pages, posts, blog, categories, 404 page and more can all be set a default template.

[arrow_header]Translation Ready:[/arrow_header]

  • [text_highlight_2]Translation ready:[/text_highlight_2] .mo and .po files are included

[arrow_header]Bundled Plugins[/arrow_header]

  • [text_highlight_2]The best and most useful plugins have been bundled with the theme[/text_highlight_2], with an easy installation guide.
  • [text_highlight_2]All plugins fully integrated, styled and 100% compatible.[/text_highlight_2] Including:
  • [text_highlight_2]Quick Cache:[/text_highlight_2] A great caching plugin effective and easy to set up. Provides the benefits of not only hugely speeding up your site, but reducing your bandwidth.
  • [text_highlight_2]Grunion Contact Forms:[/text_highlight_2] Drag and drop contact form creation by the creators of WordPress (as used on WordPress.com). The easiest and most intuitive way to make forms. Breathe has 2 preset form shortcodes built into the speed panel ready to go.
  • [text_highlight_2]WordPress SEO :[/text_highlight_2] The best seo plugin, with integrated sitemaps.
  • [text_highlight_2]A few more minor plugins

[arrow_header]Support & Documentation[/arrow_header]

  • [text_highlight_2]Quick, friendly and effective support.[/text_highlight_2] See what my buyers have to say!
  • [text_highlight_2]Video Tutorials.[/text_highlight_2] (coming soon)
  • [text_highlight_2]Clear and extensive documentation:[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Maximum response time of 24 hrs[/text_highlight_2].(simple problems are usually deal with inside 3 or 4 hours)
  • [text_highlight_2]Optional customisation service[/text_highlight_2], setup, hosting and more! (coming soon)

[arrow_header]Other Features[/arrow_header]

  • [text_highlight_2]Over 50 social media icons built in[/text_highlight_2] (just enter your url and they will show at the top of the site)
  • [text_highlight_2]PrettyPhoto Integration[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Smoothscroll top shortcode[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]WP3 Menu Ready[/text_highlight_2]
  • [text_highlight_2]Lots of fancy jQuery effects[/text_highlight_2]


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